I help moms like myself turn what they know and already have into digital products they can sell and make passive income from. When I launched my first Digital product I made $3,000 in just a matter of a few hours.

That's when I realized I could make a great living for myself, still show up for my kids and not be spread so thin.

Taking what I already knew how to do and enjoyed I was able to create passive income for myself and have since been teaching others the same.


I'm Leslie

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my passion

After stumbling across the world of blogging in 2018 I began to see the opportunities available in the digital/ online world. I knew I wanted to be able to make a living while staying at home with my little ones that would be on my terms. I soon found out about Canva and saw how powerful of a tool it was when it came to creating products that can be sold digitally and I’ve been able to build a business that has allowed me the time freedom and financial stability I desired.

This is my story...

I never saw myself as a business owner let alone an online business owner. I always thought I would work a 9-5 until retirement age. Life has a way of changing though! Blogging became an introduction to all the possibilities that the online space offered and I have to say that I really am enjoying it! Not to mention how much I have learned about myself, both good and bad! Now that I'm in this space, I am doing my best to get better everyday. I have my struggles, like time management, but I'm giving myself grace to improve.

Online Entrepre-who?!

my family
my family

My children mean the world to me. I am a mother of three ages 6,5, and 3. When I was pregnant with my second child I knew that I wanted to be able to stay home with them at least until they needed to go to school. After I had baby number three I began blogging which turned into the business that you see now!

The little Lowerys

my secret

Yes I know, super random and truthfully I used to hate washing dishes until I realized that God always seems to talk to me when I wash dishes. He gives me heavenly downloads, ideas and revelation when I am washing dishes. I guess it's His way of forcing me to do it! It's interesting that He took something that I didn't like to do and turned it into a personal time with Him that I now look forward to. :)

I love washing dishes!

my NOT SO secret

I am a God girl! I love God and I believe that He has given me an assignment and a purpose in helping other stay at home moms (SAHM) to be able to experience financial stability and freedom through starting an online business or adding digital products to their existing business. And I have come to understand that it is okay to teach others as I am on my own journey. It's not perfect and that's ok because I know He has graced me for this and I rise to the occasion.

Not so Secret!

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